Spring Start-up

We do not recommend starting your own sprinkler system as many people have flooded their basements or crawl spaces in doing so. However should you choose to start your own system, here are some things to keep in mind:

•When you turn the main sprinkler valve back on, you should hear water rushing into the pipes. That rushing sound should stop once the pipes are full. If it doesn't stop, shut the valve back off immediately (this indicates water is going somewhere it probably shouldn't be).

•Check all visible piping both inside and outside the home for leaks.

•Check inside all the valve boxes to make sure there are not leaks.

•Run through each zone, checking for broken heads and watching for any pooling of water (possibly indicating broken underground pipes).

•Reset your controller for spring watering times. (see watering tips below)

Lawn Watering Tips

Your sprinkler controller must be adjusted according to weather conditions. Following are some general recommendations.

Spring: Water in the morning and only for short periods of time as needed. Most spray head zones will only need to be running for 5 minutes and rotor zones for around 20 minutes. During extended rainy periods, be sure to shut your timer off. Oversaturating your yard could cause flooding and leakage into basements, window wells and crawl spaces.

Summer: If you are not on city water, we recommend you begin watering around midnight during the hottest weeks of the summer. If you are on city water, begin watering as early as Mountain water permits. Increase zone run times. During the hottest weeks, you may need to run spray head zones for 20 to 30 minutes and rotor zones for 45 to 60 minutes. If your controller features a percentage feature, now is the time to use it.

Fall: Water in the morning and cut back on the amount of time each zone is running. During rainy periods, you may want to shut your timer off altogether.

Water every other day: Even in the heat of summer, we recommend watering only every other day. Making the roots dig deeper for water actually helps them to become stronger. Some people are tempted to water daily, but that can actually be harmful to your grass by producing shallow roots and grass that burns more easily.