Dan and I started Dirtman Sprinklers 22 years ago while both employed full time at other jobs. We wanted to do something that was both fulfilling and that would allow us flexibility in our schedules as we were starting our family. After working many long hours (and lots of nights and weekends) we eventually took a leap of faith and quit our jobs to focus solely on Dirtman Sprinklers. Our company has grown considerably since then, but we still believe strongly in the core values that allowed us to succeed in the first place. Honesty, integrity and hard work are just as important today as they were 22 years ago. We love our community, care about our reputation and strive to give excellent customer service to our valued clients!

We are a true family business. We are pleased to announce that our oldest daughter, Tomi, and her fiancé Lee have now partnered with us. Tomi handles all the service department scheduling and billing. Lee has a degree in Horticulture and is in charge of the landscape/sprinkler crew. Along with her other mowing accounts, Olivia takes care of our lawn here at the office. Easton is only 13 this year so we can’t legally put him to work, but he does help out with odd jobs and Dan has a shovel with his name on it for the near future!

Our Employees

While Dan and I are still involved with all day to day operations, we are very fortunate to have experienced crew members return year after year. On average, most our employees have three or four years of experience and some have been with us for as long as seven to eight years. Lee oversees all the sprinkler /landscaping operations including the installation crew, which consists of five installers. We have two full time service technicians and Halden, our lead technician has been with us for three years now. Tomi works full time in the office and manages all the service department scheduling and billing. We are very proud of our team and appreciate how many wonderful compliments we have received about them over the years. Clients regularly call us after a job to let us know how impressed they were with our employees. Not only are they knowledgeable in their positions, they are conscientious, hard-working, respectful and polite!